Taking it to the Street

, posted: 5-Mar-2013 10:18

Taking it to the Street

We built Finga Footy to show off some of our capabilities and to get people having fun learning about AR or Augmented Reality as explained in ourprevious blog. If you’d like to try out the game, keep in mind this is a location based game. What that means is you can only play it at certain locations that we have enabled. This is important from a marketing perspective because we can create games that only work within a radius of certain places, such as a sports club, bar special event or restaurant. If you want to try it, use the QR code on this blog and you will find a page that shows you where you can play it. You can also find them fro within the app. If there isn’t a location near you, leave a comment here or contact us telling us where you would like to be able to play it and we will add it for you.

Kevin from ICE AV kindly shared some space with us on his stand at the Pinehurst School Sports Expo, which was invaluable.

People naturally tried to play the game on the screen of the iPad, but using AR what we have done is placed a virtual ball in front of the mobile, using a marker, which in this case looks like a beer coaster. We did this because we think this would make a great game for people to play in bars and restaurants.

We found that kids adapted to this much better than their parents at the sports expo, but then in fairness they were having so much fun that their parents didn’t really get much of a chance.

We also found that we were a bit too clever with our concept of a high score ratio between attempts and successful goals. when one boy got 12 out of 13 it was almost impossible for anyone else to beat his ratio. Good lessons for us. We will now go for just a straight high score.

It was really interesting seeing people putting their hands in front of the ball and seeing it go right through their hand. This is a whole new world and we are in an interesting position where the technology we are using is now in the hands of more than half of the population, but the majority haven’t seen Augmented Reality and need to see it in action to understand what we are doing. Hopefully given the competitive nature of kids, that will happen very quickly.

It was also interesting that many people still don’t know what QR codes are and of course the iPhone doesn’t come with a default QR Code reader. Fortunately there are loads of free ones available on the app stores and they are small downloads so I was able to help people with that at the expo and show them how to use them.  It is an important reminder to app developers that what we take for granted as geeks is totally different still to the average person. Just because they have apps and games doesn’t mean they understand what to do.

We are now talking to agencies about expanding these ideas into marketing campaigns for their brands (beyond the apps we are already building for clients and can’t tell you about, because we don’t know who you are and therefore can’t shot you) and looking forward to some very exciting developments. Looking for something new? Drop me a line at luigi@imersia.com

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Author's note by PDAMan, on 6-Mar-2013 10:36

A footnote to this blog. Since we launched Finga Footy a few days ago, we have already had around 2,000 iOS downloads alone, from all over the world. There appears to be an interest and appetite for AR LBS games.

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