Using Vending Machines and Loyalty to nudge more people to using m-wallets

, posted: 13-May-2013 10:14

See on – Imersia M2M

USA Technologies sees ‘self-service retail’ as a good test case for mobile payments. (Don’t have any cash, but want some water from the vending machine? Have a #mobile device?
Imersia‘s insight:
This is the first time I’ve heard of loyalty programs being attached to vending machines, but now that you can get everything from food, to video rentals and parking from a machine, why not let us pay for them direct from our m-wallet on our smartphone.

I think the article is quite right when it suggests that this may be an easy low impact way of getting people to trust the concept of paying for things from your mobile, not on your mobile phone account or specifically from a credit or EFTPOS card, but from your mobile wallet.


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