8 Ways to Grow Your Business with GPS

, posted: 9-Jul-2013 16:40

GPS is changing people's lives in so many ways. Traditionally we thought of GPS from a navigation perspective, largely about people finding their way to where they want to go. The question for you today is more about how does your business benefit from GPS. A major shift is that GPS is no longer about a navigation device, it is about the ubiquitous mobile phone that everyone carries on them that knows where they are.

Following are a number of blogs I have written that might give you some ideas.

1. Last week I blogged about retail. I shared 10 thoughts about how to engage with people going into retail stores. They are using their mobile phone GPS to aid in their shopping decisions. They are looking to find somewhere to spend their money using their mobile. Will they find your business?
Hampshire Market Deli in Tennessee
Hampshire Market Deli in Tennessee
2. Is your business on Foursquare? Did someone tell you it was a waste of time? Did you know they have had over 3.5 Billion Check-ins? Did you know that most of the marketing tools on Foursquare are free? If you have a destination business, go and search for it on Foursquare and see if it is there. Claim it and check out the awesome tools that can help generate more business for you.

3. If I had a coffee cart, I would so make use of GPS and location based services to really generate some serious profits. Here are 10 things I would do if I had a coffee cart. I have to wonder why a company like Starbucks is closing stores in New Zealand instead of looking at how to make them more popular and profitable. Sometimes its hard to see the opportunities when you're looking at spreadsheets on a computer.

4. Tracking business mileage. Do you use your car for business and for personal use? How do you track this so that you can claim the maximum amount of tax back for business use? This used to be a major struggle for me until I found the GPS Log Book. Now it is a breeze. I just plug a little device into my 12 volt power socket in the car and then connect it up to my PC every few days and I have a full record including Google Maps of all my trips and a spreadsheet for my accountant. All this for $129 or even less if you follow this link and get a special discount! Check it out!

5. Your grocery store and GPS. Supermarket owners are very much aware of the importance of location. They buy land either to build on, or to stop competitors building on it. Now they are developing apps. Countdown has done a pretty good job on theirs for starters. But I have a number of ideas on what they can do better.

6. Gamification is not new, but using game mechanics with GPS in retail malls is. Check out this video and see how a shoe store is using guerilla marketing to hijack business from a competitor. The application knows when they are entering the perimeter of a retail store and has them running for the competition, pardon the pun.

7. GPS catches thieves. Do you have a shrinkage problem? Almost every day I read stories about how people are catching thieves by planting low cost GPS trackers on product. This story is about catching thieves who were stealing hay from  farm. Sound like not much of a deal? Think about how hot it is this summer in the USA. Feed for livestock is a big deal if you want milk or meat on your table.

8. What is the best GPS Car Navigation product to buy? This story was written for the New Zealand market, however the fundamentals are the same wherever you go. There are many opinions, mine are based on 8 years in the industry, so I think I know what I'm talking about. This is one of my most popular blogs ever.


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Comment by Greg Freeman, on 13-Jul-2013 00:41

Hi Luigi,

I have built a GPS based app for cafes for purchasing your coffee on the run! I would love to talk to you about it!

Please get in touch.

Comment by jmumby, on 21-Jul-2013 01:06

My Smartorder app has automated location sharing to twitter.

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