What do Cory Monteith and Whittakers Chocolate Have in Common?

, posted: 15-Jul-2013 17:14

What do Cory Monteith and Whittakers Chocolate have in common? They are the two biggest topics trending on Twitter in New Zealand at the time I am writing this blog according to Trendsmap.  

Trendsmap is a powerful tool that allows you to see what people are tweeting about in any part of the world. In New Zealand the sad death of Cory Monteith of Glee fame is the top topic as it is in many parts of the world. Whittakers has just launched a new TVC campaign combining two 'Kiwi icons' being their chocolate and the L&P soft drink, with a fake news story and video about a van that crashed into the iconic giant soft drink bottle in the town of Paeroa.

Trendsmap allows you to zoom into or select any part of the world and no only see what people are tweeting about, but you can see a Twitter stream in real time of things people are talking about at that place.
Tweets About the Zimmerman Case
Tweets About the Zimmerman Case
If for example you are following the aftermath of the Zimmerman case, you can see specifically what people are tweeting in Sydney right now. You might think that is trending globally and to some degree that is right, look at Bangladesh on the map for example and there it is, but hover over Pakistan and the big topic is in fact Shahid Afridi the cricketer who has had an amazing day at the bat against the West Indies.
Afridi in Islamabad
Afridi in Islamabad
Why would you care? Once again it is all about location. If you are a marketer, knowing what people are talking about can have a significant influence on your activity. If you are writing a blog like this, or doing any form of marketing, it can be useful to understand what the sentiment is in an area.

Where I am writing this, there has been a hail storm today and this was a popular topic locally. Not a good time to be promoting ice cream, but possibly not a bad time for sitting in front of the fire watching Glee with your favourite bar of Whittakers chocolate.

Does that sound cynical or unethical? Only if you abuse a situation. The fact is search is all about context and location is fundamental to how most of us do business. If you are aware of what is trending around the world, you may be able to use this knowledge to find new clients. Why not have a look at Trendsmap and see what you can discover?

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