Imersia Partners with 20th Century Fox to create an epic Experience

, posted: 22-Jul-2013 11:19

Kids are enjoying an epic Experience combining Augmented Reality, Location Based Services and more with a colouring competition and action packed diorama at Westfield St Lukes Mall in Auckland and location based AR treasure hunts in most other Westfield Malls around New Zealand.

Imersia has been working on a number of projects combining these technologies over the last year. This one is the most public and we are really excited to have found people at 20th Century Fox who shared our vision and helped us make it a reality for the July School Holidays.

The first campaign is an AR treasure hunt. Children pick up a form and instructions at their local Westfield Mall, download an iOS or Android app and then head off to find the first billboard clue. They point their smartphone or tablet's camera at the billboard and a movie character and audio clip from the epic movie magically appear in front of their eyes in a WOW moment. This isn't an experience created in the USA or Europe, this was conceived by Neil at 20th Century Fox New Zealand. He asked Rob at Boston Digital if he knew of anyone who could bring this to life for him and Rob put him on to me. The treasure hunt combines GPS on the mobile with the camera in smartphones to provide the experience and analytics in the background provide the client with information on the locations where the apps were downloaded, when and where they were played and other key information, providing ROI information.

The colouring competition at St Lukes is the piece de resistance and very cool. The children go to a table and create a colouring masterpiece and then take it to the entrance of the epic experience where they are dressed as leafmen and get guided through an experience ending at the home of Nim. There they point their picture at a camera and magically 3D video images appear right out of their own artwork. The look on their faces as they leave the experience is priceless and many of them go straight back to the beginning to go again!

To find out more about this experience and see pictures, visit our blog. We had Steve Simms and the team from TV3 Firstline over to check it out on Saturday and this aired on the program this morning. They thought it was great! 

Imersia is working on several projects that we can't really talk about yet and talking to brands and agencies around the country and offshore. Location Based Gamification and Augmented Reality are powerful tools to engage clients and consumers and as I mentioned before, this is a Kiwi company, supporting Kiwi developers. We have a global architecture and can support gamified applications anywhere on the planet, many without requiring any local infrastructure. For example, you can play our Finga Footy AR game on the Eiffel Tower or at Centraal Station in Amsterdam just as easily as at Aotea Square in Auckland. 

Just as I posted this, the link went up on TV 3 for the story they aired this morning. You can check it out here.

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