What do you think is the best Wordpress add on for social media sharing?

, posted: 11-Jan-2014 09:36

Social sharing is an important part of blogging if you want your message to go wide. There are loads of tools available that will do this and I have done very little research on this topic. A tweet from my Empire Ave friend Ben Hanten today got me thinking about this. Whenever I set up a new blog, I look at what’s available.
Social Sharing

Social Sharing

For example, this one is from my Luigi Cappel blog. It’s deliberately small so you have to go visit one of my latest posts to see it better.
So I got to thinking about what we want from these tools. Fundamentally we want them to be easy to use and relatively intelligent, for example if we want to tweet about the blog, we want the tweet to be include the headline as well as the link. It would be cool if you could highlight some text and it incorporates the selected text. But now I’m getting into the features of the linking tools rather than the bundle in a plug in app.
A couple of things I would like to see are:
  1. The ability to control the order of the social media offered.
  2. One that is regularly updated with new social media apps that come up.
  3. The ability to pick which individual linking tools to use, effectively make your own plug in without having the knowledge to code it.
  4. An analytic suite that allows you to do historical search on what information was shared with which social media and how often.
Most of these features would come at a cost, but I would be happy to pay a small sum to be able to use a tool with these features.
So the question for you is, what do you use/like and why? What would you recommend for a WordPress blog for someone like me who doesn’t do code? Does what I’m asking for already exist?

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Comment by gnfb, on 13-Jan-2014 12:29

is this wordpress.com or org?

Author's note by PDAMan, on 13-Jan-2014 18:22

.com I do have a hosted account, but I'm not using it.

Comment by jarledb, on 14-Jan-2014 22:33

AddThis would be my choice. Can be used for other publishing/blog systems and will give you insight into what is shared and how much visits you get from sharing (so will show number of shares and number of visits from those shares).

AddThis has most of the social networks, allows people to customize which they see when visiting various web sites, and is one of the best ways to put both sharing and follow icons onto your site in my opinion.


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