What is QuadraCentifiable?

, posted: 5-Sep-2010 20:14

QuadraCentifiable is something you're probably going to see hidden all over New Zealand websites for the next three months. You see there is a Search Engine Optimization competition happening right now to rank first on google.co.nz for this made up word by November 28th. A few days ago a Google Search for Quadracentifiable returned zero results but now there are hundreds as SEOs get to work creating content and spreading links.  Over the next ten weeks I'll be sharing some of our strategies as well as dissecting what our competitors are doing.  Here's a list of known entrants:
  • nzseochallenge.co.nz (@SearchMasters)
  • avatarchallenge.co.nz
  • 636825.co.nz (NZPages)
  • website-builder.co.nz/quadracentifiable (enow)
  • w9.co.nz (@LennonNZ)
  • w3.co.nz
  • alike.co.nz/quadracentifiable (i-marketing.co.nz) (@quadrace)
  • optymisesocialmedia.co.nz
  • thewebcoseo.co.nz
  • chalkandcheese.co.nz
  • seochallenger.co.nz/seowinner.co.nz
  • promotethis.co.nz
  • elaborate.co.nz (@elaboratesite)
  • topgun.co.nz/quadracentifiable
If you're interested in being part of team Top Gun email join@topgun.co.nz

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Blogging the 2010 QuadraCentifiable SEO Challenge right here on Geekzone. To join in email join@topgun.co.nz