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LinkificationThe first in a (hopefully) on-going collection of interesting links.

Web Happenings / News

Xero: 2000 Customers - Congrats guys from a happy customer
VFX Manager: A new addon application for managing your XNet VFX service
NZ Communications website launched - several jobs available too
Mobile banking - on Kiwibanks new iPhone and Windows Mobile internet banking site
China Netcom falls prey to DNS cache poisoning
Palm Treo Pro launches around the world with Windows Mobile 6.1 - looks promising
One hundred pushups twitter challenge
Google street view car in Wellington


Auckland .Net code camp 2008 - hurry times running out to register, see you there!
Hawke's Bay IT User Group - if your in the bay then why not sign up and come along to the next meet up?

iPhone / Apple

Vodafone NZ released new iPhone plans
Make an iPhone ringtone with iTunes in windows
Learn how to develop for the iPhone - Web apps that is
Programming for the iPhone really sucks - using the SDK that it
Apple iTunes shows how New Zealand ISPs are not providing internet service


Very handy javascript memory leak detector
The future of .Net reflector - development taken over by Red Gate Software
Mega awesome CSS resource list


20 must have geek ringtones and text message alerts - and 10 to avoid!


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I've a keen interest in all things to do with the net', as well as GPS, and most other gadgets.

I am the director of Red Jungle Limited and StaffTracker Limited. I'm involved in a number of technology start-ups.

If you want to contact me, you can do so through my website.


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