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, posted: 12-Sep-2008 08:00

News / Web Happenings:

Windows Home Server v2 set to offer Time Machine-like backup UI, Media Center and Live Mesh integration
Game update notifications coming to Vistas Games Explorer
How A Botched Web Story Wiped Out UAL's Shares - I love it.
Going Zero G - and please update your Geekzone profile - Sunday around 9am NZ time Mauricio will be floating like an astronaut.
TVNZ7 Internet Debate in association with InternetNZ - participate through the Geekzone ICT Policy and Regulation forum.


Apple September ’08 Keynote - watch it online.
Apple releases iTunes 8
7 Years of iPod: What You Paid and What You Got - Wow.. 7 years.
iPod Touch Version 2 Review
4th gen iPod Nano Review

General Interest:

Salling Media Sync Puts iTunes Music on Your Non-iPhone Cell
The Power User's Guide to Google Chrome
Esquire's E Ink-infused magazine cover shown on video
Interesting project which allows anyone to graph anything from their daily life
Tikitag promises to bring RFID tags to everything - interesting concept.
TeamViewer Desktop Sharing - Remote Control - Support tool - very handy for those times you need to play the family 'tech support' role remotely. Crossloop is another good one.
Tokyo's Robotic Bike Parking Garage is Awesome - this video did the rounds some time ago, but worth a look for those who missed it.
Dr. Pic: A no-Flash online image editor
What Your Global Neighbors Are Buying - interactive metrics graph on spending by country.

Fail of the week:

Phone fail

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