Linkification v9

, posted: 18-Oct-2008 13:08

LinkificationNews / Web Happenings:

Screenshots: Firefox Mobile Alpha Screenshot - First shots of the new Firefox Mobile (Alpha build)
Telecom New Zealand to deploy WCDMA/HSPA+ 850MHz network
A sneak peek at Gmail on Android - Some insight from the Official Gmail Blog.
PDC 2008 sessions scheduler / timeline live
Microsoft survey teases 'Oahu' - Affordable consumer-version of the Surface computer, hypothetically.
Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 Now Available for Download, First Look - Early adopters get there first taste of FF3.1.
Windows Vista Team Blog : Introducing Windows 7 - Microsoft ditch the flashy names and confirm Windows 7 - must say I actually quite like the sound of that.
Joost's Web-Based Face Goes Live - The latest incarnation of Joost ditches the desktop client and delivers content via a web interface like everyone else. Still nothing worthwhile to watch :/

General / Neat Stuff:

FriendOrFollow: who's not following you back on Twitter? - Handy site for those twitter'ers out there
Awesome F-35B Video Shows US Marines Already Have Transformers
How I Make $2,000 Every Year Without Doing Very Much - Generate passive income from Stock photography sites


Apple's "spotlight turns to notebooks" event roundup - A great summary of the new Macbooks announced this week.

Mobile / Gadgets:

G1 Phone Reviewed - Hands on with the new G1.


Silverlight 2 Released - ScottGu with the news on Silverlight 2 which is available now.

FAIL of the week:

Live Maps fail: mistakes pond for Atlantic Ocean


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Comment by rscole86, on 18-Oct-2008 13:27

What!?!? You're a day late My Friday ended up being so boring

Author's note by RedJungle, on 18-Oct-2008 14:38

I know, I was late last week as well! I've be struggling for time.

I took a couple of hours out this morning to write an application that will automatically aggregate bookmarked links for me and prepare the blog post at the end of the week. So it will be much quicker from now on as I'll just to have copy & paste!

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