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, posted: 19-Dec-2008 10:21

LinkificationNews / Web Happenings:

"Cupcake" roadmap tells tales of video recording, stereo bluetooth and more coming to Android
Adobe AIR for Linux Now Out of Beta
Going Live, With Sage. Initial Review of SageLive - Ben Kepes reviews Sage's first dive into the world of online accounting packages
Firefox 3.0.5 Update Released
Office Outlook Connecter Out of Beta with Better Syncing
Joost kills internet video desktop client - Ding dong the witch is dead..
Serious security flaw found in IE - and then...
Microsoft issues patch for latest IE vulnerability
Pandora now available for Windows Mobile
Firefox Mobile for Symbian coming in 2009
Labs Go Live in Google Apps Accounts

General / Neat Stuff:

Cellphone jammer crammed into key fob, ends texting / talking while driving
Recycled Citroën parts used to create fire-breathing robo dog
Prototype piezoelectric road could generate power by simply sitting there
Export a Gmail message to Google Docs
Now is a Great Time to Join or Found a Startup
Dubai Hotelier Hasn't Heard of Flip-Flops, Plans to Refrigerate Entire Beach


Microsoft releases first iPhone application, Seadragon
Looks like Ustream is headed for the iPhone, as well
Apple quits Macworld
Mac OS X 10.5.6 Update Now Out


Improve your jQuery - 25 excellent tips
Avoiding The Uncanny Valley of User Interface
How to stop hot-linking from your site using URL Rewrite in IIS 7.0


Understanding Flow Charts

FAIL of the week:

Pizza FAIL - OMG


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