Linkification v39

, posted: 12-Jun-2009 09:55

LinkificationNews / Web Happenings:

Palm moves 50,000 Pre smartphones in opening weekend
Opera 9.7 Beta Brings Turbo Mode to Windows Mobile Phones
Google Analytics Blog: Bing to be Integrated into Search Engine Reports
Bing vs Google vs Yahoo: the Blind search engine test
Chromium Releases Official Mac, Linux Browser Alphas
Mozilla Updates Firefox Add-Ons Site with Collections
UAC in Windows 7 still broken, Microsoft won't/can't fix code-injection vulnerability
Lifehacker - Firefox 3.5 "Preview" Available with an Update Check
Use Microsoft Outlook with Google Apps for email, contacts, and calendar - Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

General / Neat Stuff:

BMW's Emergency Stop Assistant halts your vehicle if you can't


Apple's new MacBook family: non-removable batteries, lower prices
Apple announces "Find My iPhone" phone-locating service
Apple partners with TomTom to bring "real" navigation to iPhone
Safari 4 Leaves Beta, Calls Itself "World's Fastest Browser"
Apple unveils Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Apple introduces iPhone 3G S
Apple's iDisk iPhone App Lets MobileMe Users View and Send Documents, Videos, and More
Apple's WWDC 2009 Keynote in 3 Minutes
What You DO Get in Mac OS X Snow Leopard


Bing API
jQuery Tools - A Collection of Javascript UI Components
Google Fusion Tables [Fast Batch Geocoding]
Adaptive CSS-Layouts: New Era In Fluid Layouts?

WIN of the week:

Puddle WIN - that looks suspiciously like TonyH to me!


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Comment by kinsten, on 12-Jun-2009 10:30

whats with the massive strike out?

Author's note by RedJungle, on 12-Jun-2009 10:43

Hmm, thanks - it was only meant to be through one word.. formatting FAIL.

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