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, posted: 24-Jul-2009 11:46

LinkificationBusy week - the Geekzone Pizza evening in Wellington last weekend was great fun. Good to put some faces to names, meet some new people, and of course catch up with the regulars.

So big thanks to Mauricio for organising everything. And huge thanks to the sponsors: Snapper and Domains4Less. I'm looking forward to the Auckland event in a couple of weeks.

News / Web Happenings:

NZ Google Apps to be deployed at Postal Services Group
Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Service Pack 2 released
Snapper spreads integrated ticketing footprint
PayPal set to become global payment platform Open to third-party developers
SPOT GPS Tracking Device Now a Smaller, More Powerful Lifesaver
Palm Pre Fixes iTunes Sync!
YouTube enters the cavernous, chromatic world of 3D
Two strikes for Kindle is enough for me
Microsoft sees first annual sales decline in its history for fiscal 2009
Windows 7 Has Been Released to Manufacturing
Skype 2.8 Gold for Mac out now - Skype Blogs

General / Neat Stuff:

Fallback to 2G or no fallback: the Vodafone vs Telecom question
Internet Explorer Determines Which Add-ons Slow Down Browsing
The Computer Hardware Chart Identifies Your PC's Parts


Security official suspended, turned over to authorities in apparent connection to Foxconn employee's suicide
iPhone 3.0's 'broken' push messaging caused by unlockers, dirty keys
Official Google Blog: Google Latitude on your iPhone


Stack Overflow Architecture - A thorough review of the architecture behind - a great read for anyone using in a high traffic environment.
HTML5 and The Future of the Web

FAIL of the week:

Handshake fail


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