SKY decoder status

, posted: 5-Oct-2006 20:34

Based on Manaia's responses elsewhere I have complied the following.

DSR2000, DS-230, these will support component, the first has already been updated, the latter will be latter this month.

DSR-620-GM, these will not support component, but will receive the firmware update, but will not implement component video.


DTH-320-4, DTH-325-4, DTH-335-4, these will support component, updates for these are expected on the 18, 11, and 19th of Oct respectively.

The DTH-310-4 will not support component, but will get a firmware updated effecting other updates (except for component video) on the 10th of Oct.

The new firmware is indicated as 0340 in the diagnostics page, this replaced verison 0320


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