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Awesome deals on TVs at Dick Smith Electronics!

By Peter Haigh, in , posted: 22-Mar-2008 18:19

They've knocked 30% off the majority of TVs - in-store and online at You can pick up a 37" Sony Bravia U-series LCD for $1259 or a 42" Panasonic plasma for $1399! VERY tempted, but other priorities call! Undecided

Comment by scottpalmer, on 22-Mar-2008 19:26

And not much stock if any of the best deals left :-)

Comment by sbiddle, on 22-Mar-2008 20:08

I picked up a 32" Acer on Thursday. $699 less a $129 cashback.

Beat that for a 32" TV!

Comment by adamj, on 23-Mar-2008 11:17

I picked up a 32" Bravia yesterday. Really nice TV for $874!!!

Author's note by TermiPete, on 24-Mar-2008 17:56

Went and a had a squiz - love the image on plasma and LCD from DVD, console etc, but the regular TV signal (in this case through Freeview) looked horrible - pixelated, blurry and stretched. Plasma has the edge in managing scaling, but boy they chew Watts!
Until TV signal hits in HD, I think I'll need to stick with CRT . . . feck.

Comment by sbiddle, on 24-Mar-2008 20:46

I'm not sure what Freeview signal you were watching! It will give you the best picture quality you're likely to see from a LCD or Plasma.

Whatever store you visited obviousy had things very poorly set up - are you sure they weren't showing Sky?

Comment by Hehe, on 30-Apr-2008 22:05

I work at Dicksmith Electronics and usually have freeview SD or a DVD player attacted to Televisions on display. The thing to watch is that you may notice that the quality of the pictures would get worse from one end to the other as the DVD signal (in our store we had five televisions hooked up to a DVD player) gets weak as it goes in one television and out to another, ask the staff if they could connect a DVD player DIRECTLY to the television you wish to purchase to see the full potential. If the television is on a SD media source ask them if they could connect it to a freeview HD decoder. We did however hooked up a couple of Televisions (the high end ones) to Freeview HD which blew me away! We had great sales on LCDs and Plasmas 30% off the mark price (including ones already reduced). Sadly the sale is over but if you want a discount try asking the DickSmith staff if you could purchase the display models (usually happens when the only one they have in stock is the display television) - in somecases that alone could whack off $100 off the RRP.

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