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Huge News! VMware ESX 3i is free from 28 July!

By Peter Haigh, in , posted: 23-Jul-2008 22:57

Significant competitive move from VMware to counter the threat of Microsoft Hyper-V . . . not that 3i was expensive before, but this price is certainly better :) This is part of a new strategy kicking in after co-founder Diane Greene's departure. ex-Microsoft exec Paul Maritz is running the show now.

Read more in this article at Redmond Channel mag.

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Comment by chiefie, on 24-Jul-2008 10:25

So... who'd be qualify to get ESX3i? I sure like the sound of free baremetal VM host...

Author's note by TermiPete, on 24-Jul-2008 10:43

I'm guessing it will be a free download from . . . I'll ask them this afternoon.

Comment by James Sleeman, on 24-Jul-2008 14:42

Now if only they would get proper sound support into the Linux version of Workstation (ie, alsa, pulseaudio, esd... anything but a bad usage of OSS which we can't even hijack into a soundserver easily), and fix the extremely irritating loses-the-modifier-key problem again on Linux, then we might be onto something good.

Author's note by TermiPete, on 24-Jul-2008 20:25

Chatting with VMware guys today - free download from site v soon :D

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