In the begining....

, posted: 21-Sep-2006 16:42

This is my first post. I don't know if many will ever read it.

This is being posted from an HP thin client, a t5520, running Damn Small Linux on a 128 mb usb stick. This version of linux is only 50mb and is very fast even on old computers. For example, the thin client has an 800 mhz processor and 128 mb of ram but programs boot up way faster then on my 2 Ghz machine with windows XP and 512 mb of Ram. (firefox is a good example)

Currently I'm trying to mod the t5520 by getting a 44p pin laptop hard drive cable and a laptop hard drive. If I remove the flash device from the hp I'll be able to hook up a hard drive. I've ordered the cables and am trying to get a cheap drive on TradeMe (the NZ equivalent of Ebay).

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Comment by Michael Tantrum, on 21-Sep-2006 21:58

Good grief James! Next thing you'll have us believing that the dogs of war was a true story.

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