It's Modular, dude....

, posted: 22-Sep-2006 13:14

Little by little I've come to realize that I have a modular computer system. A few months ago I bought a 200gb external hard drive. At first I wasn't too impressed with file transfer speeds. It took forever to put photos from the PC to the external drive. I quickly realized it was because my PC had USB 1.1 which is really slow.

So I then ran out to my favourite electronics store - Dick Smith's - and got a cheap usb 2.0 card. The difference was amazing. It's so fast that I think I'll be able to install linux on it (many distros nowadays have an 'intstall to usb hdd' option) I tried it before on my t5300 thin client but it also has usb 1.1 so it was pretty useless. I was able to boot pclinuxos mini me after 10 minutes but it was painfully slow to load firefox (64mb of ram and having the swap on the external hdd wouldn't have helped)

Anyway, the modular thing is that I have the externall hdd hooked up to my other thin client - a t5520 - and it runs very fast. 128mb of ram and 128mb of swap on the external hdd. I keep all my DSL (damn small linux) programs on a partition on the external drive. DSL itself runs off a 128mb usb stick. Then, when DSL starts I type 'dsl mydsl=sdb8' and it gets the dsl programs off that partition and continues booting. I can do this on ANY computer that allows USB device booting.

On another partition I have videos and music. So I can hook up the hdd to the Media Center PC in the lounge or my thin client in my office and watch videos.

My next project is setting up a media streaming server. That way I can stream videos over my home network to all the PCs

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