Test post from Falcon PDA!

, posted: 14-Oct-2006 20:41

I bought a Telecom Falcon Pocket Pc Smartphone on trademe this week. It's just like my Ipaq except it has a phone and I can go on the internet. It is in brand new condition too!

I'm using Opera mini as my browser and it's awesome! It reformats regular web pages so they fit on a mobile device. I can access my Gmail account with no problems. Mozilla's Minimo was weird and couldn't even open Gmail.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 15-Oct-2006 03:37

I have the next two models - a Harrier and an Apache. Both from the same manufacturer. Both have EVDO and a slide out keyoboard, and the Apache has WiFi and Windows Mobile 5.0.

The Falcon is a nice size and feels solid.

For WM2003 machines I really recommend a backup prog like SPB Backup to create regular backups in case your battery goes dead flat and you get an automatic hard reset with total loss of data....

Author's note by VanAlstine, on 15-Oct-2006 21:58

It actually comes with an sd card backup utility that backs up everything to an SD card. Compared with my Ipaq the screen isn't quite as sharp, but it's just as good in every other way.

I thought of getting a Harrier on TradeMe but there weren't any in new condition available. HTC is a really cool company. I read somewhere that they designed and/or built the original Ipaqs. They have some really good models that have been released in the States too.

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