HTC Falcon and HP 2210 Comparison

, posted: 20-Oct-2006 15:50

My previous post was from my new Falcon Pocket PC Phone. I've had it for over a week now, so I thought I'd briefly share my impressions of it and compare it with my old Pocket PC, the HP 2210. I'm sure many people are like me and don't mind buying technology that is 2 or 3 years old that is relatively inexpensive but is still quite useful.

My first PDA was a Palm 125. It was pretty basic: just a greyscale screen and 8mb of ram. It was sturdy, though and extremely useful. I installed a PalmrReader dictionary and used it in the classroom just about everyday as an ESL teacher. Having the Palm made me a fan of data-centric PDAs. (I never got into mobile phones. I've had a few low-end Nokias purely out of necessity.)

Anyway, the HP 2210 was a quantum leap forward compared to the M125. The entire interface looked nicer and was easier to use and had a whole lot more eye candy. I was then able to enter the world of mobile video and mp3 music. I have found TCPMP to be a great multimedia player. It plays just about every audio and video format. While on that subject, the sound quality on both machines is fantastic when listening to mp3s with the headphones

Anyway, to briefly compare the two, as PDAs they are nearly identical except that the screen on the Ipaq is a bit sharper, despite being used nearly everday for two years. The Falcon is pretty much brand new, but it almost seems as if there is too much contrast, but there is no way to adjust it. The Ipaq has a CF and an SD slot while the Falcon only has an SD slot. I should add that it is on the bottom, which makes adding a wi-fi or GPS card a bit impractical. The dual card slots are conveniently at the top of the Ipaq. The battery on the Ipaq is user replaceable. The Falcon's isn't. Hopefully it'll last at least a couple of years (by that time I'll have a used Apache or Treo 700 Smile)

Telecom Falcon & HP 2210

As you can see the screen size is identical, but the overall size of the Ipaq is larger. That isn't a problem for me personally; it fits in my hand nicely. For others it might be a be a bit bulky. But for me it's good because I don't have to carry a phone and PDA around anymore. It seems I'm having to more soft resets with the falcon but I think it's because I have so many programs installed on my 1 GB sd card. It's not really a problem anyway.

The Falcon has a cool backup utility called 'SD Backup' which backs everything up to an sd card. The 2210 only allows you to back up contacts and stuff. The Falcon is useless for playing games with the center pad. The 2210 is marginally better. On some games I can't even program the phone answer and hang up keys to be used which is very annoying.

I've been browsing the net a lot using Opera mini and am very pleased with it. It's too bad that Telecom's data charges are so expensive.

Anyway, to conclude, I'm very happy with the Falcon, especially because I only paid NZ$205 (I should get close to that when I sell the 2210 on Trademe) and it was basically brand new. You can easily get used ones on Trademe for under $200. I don't know why mine wasn't snapped up sooner: I waited three days before buying it using the 'buy now' option and nobody had bid on it. I guess it's kind of big and geeky and doesn't have a camera. Plus there is no wifi or bluetooth. Despite that it's very powerful and useful!

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