Christmas, Harry Belefonte & iTunes

, posted: 27-Dec-2006 08:12

On Christmas Eve we got back from church at about 9:00 pm and I had a lot of wrapping to do. I then realized we had no Christmas music. A few years ago this would have been a disaster, but not in 2006. I immediately went to the NZ iTunes store and downloaded some Harry Belefonte Christmas carols (my Mom always had Harry Belefonte playing at Christmas) and Kenny G (my wife loves his Christmas stuff.)

I then burned the the 7 tunes to CD so my wife could listen on her CD player in the kitchen. I had some wrapping to do in another room, so I burnt another CD and then ripped the music from that directly to an sd card (and got rid of the DRM, what a pain for honest people like me. If I was a pirate I would have downloaded  it from Limewire). I put the card in my Falcon Pocket PC phone, hooked it up to an extra pair of PC speakers and I was set to do my wrapping. The ambiance was perfect! Christmas Eve, a fresh cup of coffee and  Harry Belefonte Christmas carols filling the room (I didn't bother with Kenny G!)

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