Wii Will Rock You!

, posted: 7-Mar-2007 06:27

Yes. I just bought a Nintendo Wii for myself for my birthday. So far it has exceeded my expectations. The best thing about it is the two controllers: the remote and nunchuck. In three days I've already spent quite a bit of time playing Boxing(one of the five mini games included with Wii Sports) Despite looking foolish punching the air in the livingroom, it is extremely addictive (and tiring!) Nintendo took a big risk in releasing the Wii: a different controller and less powerful hardware than the Xbox 360 and Ps3. However, the innovative way of gameplay makes up for any shortcomings. Non gamers love the Wii! My wife and my friend's wife normally just tolerate video games, but they have both really enjoyed Wii sports.

I rented Call of Duty 3 and enjoyed that as well. Using the remote and nunchuck in a FPS took a lot of getting used to, but having to work harder to perform certain moves made it more rewarding. For example, an enemy soldier grabs your rifle with two hands and tries to overpower you. You have to alternately push and pull the remote and nunchuck away from/towards your body as you wrestle with him. It's physically exhausting! Then, you quickly pull the remote diagonally down and that pulls the rifle from the enemy. You then (in)humanely dispose of him with the rifle butt (also a hand movement). Far more entertaining and realistic than moving your fingers on a gamepad!

Sony and Microsoft forgot about innovation and instead focused on the power of their systems, but is that really what gamers wanted? Nintendo has done something revolutionary and it's paying off. I dont' know about America or NZ, but in Canada the Wii is the hottest selling console at the moment. Of course. If blue-ray takes off and Sony ups production they might sell more PS3s. The Xbox 360? Who cares? I think HD DVD is going to be a dud anyway like beta was for Sony in the 80s.

The forecast, news and internet (Opera Browser) channels are good (but when trying to reply to an email in my gmail account the Wii crashes!). I also love the backwards compatibility with the gamecube (will look for some cheap gamecube games on Trademe soon.) The virtual console is awesome. No longer do I have to download SNES and Sega games from virus/trojan/spyware infested Rom sites. I can buy Wii points and download games to play on the Wii. In the past I justified downloading roms by saying, 'these games are discontinued and I can't buy them anywhere.' Some are available now from the Wii Shop so I don't mind paying (maybe I'll get Donkey Kong after I get a classic controller.)

Another plus is the SD card slot: I can pop in the sd card from my Canon and immediately view my photos and videos. (the slideshow feature is really neat and has some mellow background music)

The only disappointment is the lack of support for usb devices. There are two usb ports on the Wii waiting to be used! A usb keyboard and mouse would be handy with the internet channel. I could also plug in my external hardrive and have a slideshow of all my photos running during a party or something. Hopefully Nintendo has some plans for firmware upgrades. Otherwise I'll have to buy a modchip to get the most out of the Wii.

To conclude, the Wii is a revolutionary console that will appeal to both gamers and non gamers.

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Comment by chiefie, on 7-Mar-2007 09:24

Good luck finding GameCube Controller for GameCube's games... I too am looking for a couple of it to play GameCube's games like PikMin, PikMin2, Mario Party etc. Also, you don't need to get Classic Controller to play VC games, just need GameCube Controller, which is probably better as it will be cheaper (if you can find it) and compatible across all VC and GC games.

Comment by asianbro, on 7-Mar-2007 11:25

Hahaha, I love the post title! I think the name 'Wii' is very clever one. Nintendo is back, and the timing couldn't be better. Unfortunately, I'm still sticking to PS2 at the moment.

Comment by Buzz, on 7-Mar-2007 11:51

I'll just let you know that the Wii is doing VERY well in America. PS3s are everywhere (there are 8 sitting at the Best Buy store I work at; I rarely see any being bought). Wii is nowhere to be found. The instant a store restocks, they are sold within minutes; they only last longer if they go unnoticed for a bit (many stores don't advertise that more Wii consoles came in; customers are always on the hunt).

Comment by Joel, on 7-Mar-2007 12:20

Donkey Kong on the Virtual console works just great with the Wii Remote, just turn it sideways and it is essentially the same button layout as the old NES controller. The Classic Controlle ris only needed for SNES and N64 systems.

Comment by LooM, on 7-Mar-2007 12:34

Hi there VanAlstine, I wanted to share my experience with Wii with you, and talk about some of the points . To pull out some of the positive things, Wii is in fact addicting and has, as you say some very neat innovative features... Currently it's selling way better then both competents, Sony's Playstation 3, and Microsoft's Xbox360..

Since I had a very bad experience with 360, (I actually had to change it 4 times, and still I didn't have 100% working one, first broke after 9 days) I won't pull out much good stuff from them.. They got the cool xboxlive, which is working really well for them, but as we see Wii's online function seems to be rather interesting as well..

I got the wii on the release date... Well my mate did, we live in a shared apartment, and it's in the living room at the tv.. We both used it alot the first couple of days for Wii sports (as you say very funny indeed). After sometime, it was only used for Zelda (my mate like that game), and then now it's hardly used.. I perhaps turn it on, once every 2-3 weeks.. to play an hour with some friends, (bowling is my favourite) ^_^ 282 max score so far...

My point is, Nintendo has done something very innovative, but I have to disagree with you, you reckon that sony and microsoft forgot about innovation.. But innovation also lies in power.. With a stronger system more things are available, and I remember when I had the retarded 360, I played that more simply becuase the better sellection of game, far better online service.. And lastly the graphic at level which gives you quite the realism you need..

I'm getting my playstation 3 23rd of March, and I'm looking forward to the massive innovation put in that machine as well! (don't deny it! :)).. It's expanding with every patch (such as wii). but allowing consumers or users a way broader way of "using" a console...

What I miss from wii, and perhaps why I never use it.. It's lack of media abilities.. Bad internet browser (yes I do know ps3 crashes as well), but I dislike the fact that the wii browser is limited, to for instance short youtube movies, it'll crash lock down etc, or simply stop if the movies are too long (roughly 15+min) you can try.. I lack a dvd drive, and lastly the high definition ability and poor graphics.. I have never been a big graphic whore, but more a gameplay whore, and I just don't feel wii's game delivers it.. Most fun I have on it, is playing bomberman from the download! :)...

Sorry for the long comment, cheers have fun and hope it last for you, with your new Wii.. (I'm not even gonna be bothered with my grammatics ;))

Comment by Undey, on 7-Mar-2007 13:55

"Xbox 360, Who Cares?"

You sir, are an idiot.

Author's note by VanAlstine, on 7-Mar-2007 14:53

Regarding GameCube controllers, there is a guy selling new aftermarket controllers on TradeMe. Mine arrived in the post this morning but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. There are also people selling original secondhand controllers but they are nearly twice the price.

Regarding Innovation vs Power, the point is taken. The Cell Processor in the PS3 is innovative from a technical point of view. But to me, the Wii is far more innovative because it doesn't use a regular gamepad. I read yesterday, that industry observers reckon the Wii has 'disrupted' the console market by releasing a product that is perhaps technically inferior but more fun to play. It's also disrupted the market because it is attracting non-gamers like my wife.

Anyway, if I have the money in a few years time, I'll probably buy a PS3 as well. I like the fact that Sony opened up the system so that linux will run on it. I think USB keyboards will work on the PS3.

Comment by LooM, on 8-Mar-2007 01:25

A usb keyboard will work on it.. From the moment you plug it in, as long as the usb keyboard can run on regular generic keyboard software =) (just wanted to let you know)..

"I read yesterday, that industry observers reckon the Wii has 'disrupted' the console market by releasing a product that is perhaps technically inferior but more fun to play. It's also disrupted the market because it is attracting non-gamers like my wife.", which of course explains it's really high sales number, it goes out to everyone, and it's cheap.. We've got 3 games in the household and I think my major concern is, the only game I play (as I mentioned in my first message, is the wii sports), got that wario game, zelda and red steel..

I hope they make more interesting games.. And for call of duty I think it's a bit too "realistic" to force one down, hehe ;).. But that's a taste issue! :)

LooM, good luck

Comment by Ed, on 8-Mar-2007 05:30

"Xbox 360, Who Cares?"

"You sir, are an idiot. "

I agree. Blu ray LOL. These's a dud

Comment by dave, on 8-Mar-2007 06:32

yea, from everything I'm hearing, Wii isn't just an incremental step in the gaming world and market; it's a complete breakthrough.

Author's note by VanAlstine, on 7-Mar-2008 22:54

From what I've been reading, my prediction about HD DVD being a dud is proving true. It will be dead in the next year or two.

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