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, posted: 3-Jun-2007 10:55

A few weeks ago I installed PCLinuxOS 2007 and I'm very impressed with it. One of the things I like is their package manager--everything is there,you don't need to add any extra repositories (a popular distro that starts with "U" infuriates me with all the mucking around you have to do), and there are never any issues with unresolved dependencies.

Anyway, last week I downloaded through the package manager a game called Sauerbraten. It's a great multi player FPS. It's completely free and very entertaining to play. Sauerbraten is a redesign of the Cube FPS and is very playable with good graphics (the water effects in particular are amazing, it really does look like real water.) Click here for some screenshots.

It has a lively online community with many custom made maps. I don't fully understand how it works, but it can be set up in a multi player game that the map can be modified as you go. In fact, all the map making takes place in the game; there is no separate map editor.

There are also versions for Windows and Mac.I don't know what they're like but I assume they're as good as the Linux version.

The only think lacking is vehicles that you can hop in and out of (like Halo) and some of the maps are too small with too many people.

It's the first truly entertaining Linux game I've ever played. I have a dual boot system and I think I only booted into Windows XP once or twice last week. I was having too much fun playing Sauerbraten!

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Comment by barf, on 3-Jun-2007 12:46

Ubuntu has the Synaptic package manager just like PCLinuxOS, and with Automatix no mucking around is required what-so-ever to add repositories.

You may like America's Army (the game) too, it has the most realistic depiction of weapons in any game I have seen. you can download the Linux version here

Comment by Zach, on 3-Jun-2007 17:46

:D I just installed PCLinuxOS 07 too!
I'll be playing this game, if it runs...

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