Nokia N800 (Part 1)

, posted: 14-Feb-2008 19:31

I've had my Nokia N800 for close to seven weeks now and thought I would share my impressions. I won't attempt a full scale review, but this is the best one I've come across.

To avoid any confusion let me say that although it is a Nokia product IT IS NOT A PHONE. IT DOES NOT HAVE A SIM SLOT. Its primary purpose is to be a portable internet device. It's secondary purpose is a portable media player.

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I bought it because I was dissatisfied with the internet browsing experience on my HTC Falcon and its lack of wifi. I was actually first drawn to Nokia's first generation tablet device the N770 when I noticed one for sale on Trademe. I immediately wanted one, but the more I read about it, I realized that although was great for surfing the net it was underpowered with a 200mhz processor and only 64 mb of ram. So I read the rave reviews for the N800 and bought a new one on Ebay for a little under 400 NZ$ delivered ( a bargain I reckon).

It has 128MB RAM, 256MB Flash, two SD card slots (up to 64 Gb memory if you use two 32GB SDHC cards), a 330MHz Texas Instruments OMAP2420 processor (some hackers reckon it was originally underclocked to save power and the latest firmware upgrade has it running at 400Mhz). It has wifi, bluetooth and a gorgeous 800 x 480 4.1 inch touch screen. If videos are encoded properly there is absolutely no pixelization (Is that a word?) With my Falcon's 320 x 240 screen there was always pixelization no matter how high the bitrate was.

This machine is also very hackable. At the moment I am running KDE and typing this using KWord on my N800! A clever hacker named Penguinbait has made a .deb file (The OS is based on Debian linux). Furthermore I am also typing this using a usb keyboard! It is so cool. By buying an inexpensive adaptor online and typing a basic shell script I can change the mini usb port to being a host. As well as my keyboard I've successfully plugged in a usb flash drive and my 200 Gb hard drive. With some more minimal hacking it's possible to use a usb dvd drive.

N800 running KDE

Screenshot of my N800 with a fully functional (and customizable) KDE desktop

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Comment by Joseph, on 1-Mar-2008 21:20

So what about the Blackberry that just joined your family?

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