The Odd Couple: Nokia N800 and RIM 7230

, posted: 8-Mar-2008 02:01

Recently I bought a Blackberry 7230 on Trademe for next to nothing. I have a Nokia 6085. It does a lot of things, but none of them really well except playing music. I'm not knocking it though. For what I paid it has a lot of features, even expandable memory and bluetooth. The problem was I was getting sick of texting with a phone keyboard.

Previously I had a Windows Mobile HTC Falcon Smartphone. Great multimedia device, but after a year I was sick of having to get my stylus out whenever I wanted to text.

I'd always been aware of Research In Motion and their Blackberry devices but I had never considered getting one. Then one evening I bought one on Trademe out of curiosity and dissasisfaction with my current setup. Being an older model I got the 7230 quite cheaply.

The odd couple?Now I'm asking myself, "why I didn't get one of these earlier?" I suppose the answer is, "they were too expensive when they were new!" It's solidly built and well engineered with the trackwheel and escape button on the side for using the basic menu. With the keyboard it's a great texting device and PIM. I also installed Mobipocket reader so I could view my RSS feeds offline here and there when I have a few minutes free during the day. I'm not bothering with the 'push email' though. Too expensive and I don't need it.

The point I want to make is that it complements my Nokia N800 wonderfully. The N800 is not a phone, so I can't text with it. Its PIM to PC synchronisation isn't the greatest either. However, with its large screen and wifi it's great as a portable internet device. It's also great for video and audio playback.

Basically, the N800 and 7230 make up for the other's shortcomings. I think I'll stick with the both of them for a while. I'd love a Nokia E61 or E61i or a Blackberry Curve for my phone/texting/PIM needs but they are both very capable multimedia devices so it would be hard to justify having two similar (and expensive) devices.

Comment by redwar, on 26-Mar-2008 17:14

I am doing the same thing that you are right now, and I have to say the combination is a much better alternative then the I PHONE. I use the N800 in conjunction with a Blackberry Curve, and I am loving it. I love the concept,but the only thing could think of buying the I PhOne would be to have an Apple in my pocket, and quite frankly I cannot justify the purchase when the IPHONES lacks the features that the Blackberry has. Mind you, I am under an unlimted data plan with a Blackberry Server, but the fact that I can get all my emails, and surf the net at the same time on the NOkia with full multimedia, OUTSTANDING!

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