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, posted: 18-Dec-2007 23:28


Hey all, this is my personal Zune vs Ipod Review. I have been lucky enough to have had both of them so it is my personal opinion.

iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple and launched on October 23, 2001.

Zune is the name of a brand of digital music products and services sold by Microsoft. It includes digital audio players, client software, and the Zune Marketplace online music store

I am going to do my review on the 30gb White Zune and the 5th gen 30gb Black Ipod.


The two media players are about the same height and width With the Zune: 6cm x 11cm compared to Apple's 6cm x 10cm. They both fit in the hand nicely and have a 'sleek' look about them. The only significant difference is the back of the players. The Ipod has its silver, while the Zune looks the same. Also the Zune is scratch proof (apart from screen) where the Ipod can get scratched very easily on the front and back of it.

Winner: Zune 1-0.

Battery Life

Ipod          Zune

14 hours      14/13 hours*       Music
2 hours        4 hours                Video
3 hours        4 hours                Pictures

*14 hours with wireless off, 13 with it on.

Winner: Zune 2-0.

Screen Size

The Size on the Zune looks much larger, obviously but when you come down to pixels the screens are both the same. 320x240 pixels. The only difference is the 3inch screen on the Zune compared to the Ipods 2.4inch screen. This means the Zune has a larger screen, but it's quality isnt as sharp as the Ipod's.

Winner: DRAW


The media players themselves are very easy to get around on with the Ipod having the touch-sensitive scrolling and the Zune having the push. The menus are a wee bit different though, with the Zune being:


The Ipod is completley customizable with the user being able to config the Menu themselves. The Ipod also features Games, Contacts, and A clock

Winner: Ipod 2-1


The Zune comes with the software on a CD as does the Ipod (only with the larger models 30gb, 60gb, 80gb and 160gb). The iTunes software allows the user to buy music, videos, TV shows, games and a lot more for the device. The Zune software can only buy Music and Videos.

Itunes: More than 6 million songs worldwide.

Zune Marketplace: 3 million songs worldwide.

Both software can rip your own CD's straight to your device and can get songs onto your device you have downloaded through other sites/programs.

Winner: Ipod 2-2


Although the Ipod has Games, Contacts etc does it have: a) A wireless card that you can send music straight
to your computer and other Zune.
b) A built-in radio that you can listen to all your
favourite radio stations on.

No, and this is a whole different aspect of portable media players. ANother great feature of both of these media players is the ability of TV output. Buy a cable and you can plug your Ipod AND Zune into the TV and watch all your Movies, TV Shows and listen to your favourite music.

Winner: Zune 3-2


The Zune in a nutshell, is unique. How many other people do you know with a Zune? The Ipod has grown tremendously over the years into a great trusted worldwide brand. But why not go something different, why not stick out from the crowd?

One downside is the Zune cannot be bought from a retailer in New Zealand, but is that stopping you from getting one? No, you can buy a Zune on Trademe, Ebay or Amazon.

Winner: Zune!

I hope you find this Review helpful and seen as this is my first reveiw it may feature incorrect information.


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Comment by MrPink, on 19-Dec-2007 09:17

I don't have a portable media player as I don't want one but judging from the screen sizes on those two side by side the Zune has a significantly larger screen. Does that make viewing things easier and does that kill battery life?

Comment by JAMMAN2110, on 19-Dec-2007 10:03

Nice blog. My 3rd Gen iPod Nano didnt come with a CD. I guess its more of a size factor (they do it to keep the packaging as small as it is) but, I see no reason why they couldnt include a mini cd or business card like one.. or even a cheap flash drive thats big enough to store the itunes installer. That would surely be a good feature for anyone buying it!

Comment by chiefie, on 19-Dec-2007 10:17

James, better yet. Store the Itunes on the Nano itself and when you first plug in, it is recognised as MSD (Mass-Storage Device)... oops scrap that last bit... AS it would then seem as a medium to "copy and pirate" the files off from the device back to PC, something that Apple hasn't want to provide but are covered by 3rd parties.

Comment by chiefie, on 19-Dec-2007 10:18

Oh also... You can't get this from Amazon, unless you ship it to an US address. As it's not Amazon's policy to ship any electronic stuff outside North America.

Comment by PDAMan, on 19-Dec-2007 15:54

I heard that the Zune also contained DRM. Is that true?

Besides the Belkin recording dongle I have on order, the other reason I went iPod is ease of use with iTunes where I spend a lot of time and all those other accessories that I may never want, but all seem to be designed only for iPod. Sometimes you have to go with the leader.

Author's note by Wakeup, on 20-Dec-2007 15:59

First off all songs downloaded from the Zune Marketplace had DRM and you couldnt put songs that you have downloaded from iTunes or any other online music store onto your ZUne.

They have now scraped this and you can put whatever you want on it

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