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Farewell Sir Angus

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 14-Aug-2007 12:57

Sir Angus Tait passed away on 7th August.

Although I never met the man, I have had a great deal of involvement with his company, Tait Electronics, over the years. As a trainee radio technician, I cut my teeth on Tait base station equipment and miniphones. During the 70's and 80's was there a taxi in NZ that didn't have a Tait RT hanging under the dash?

While so many NZ companies have instigated and developed their idea or product, only to sell it off and fill their pockets, Taits have remained manufacturing in Christchurch, recruiting and employing highly skilled people - acting as a catalyst to make Christchurch the "Silicon Valley of the South". (I can even forgive their oversight of not giving me a job in 2002)

I hope that Tait Electronics continues to succeed without the leadership of it's founder, and their manufacturing and R and D remains in Christchurch.


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