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By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 9-Nov-2007 12:40

I'm studying for an exam of course!!

I am just like many people out there, in that I can always find heaps to do apart from what I should be doing, ie: hitting the books.

On Monday morning I have an E-Commerce exam (through Massey), so have left myself a fairly easy day at work so I can cram a few more strategies and models into my skull. It hasn't quite worked out that way though. Lured by the obvious delights of geekzone and youtube, I have barely looked at my textbooks and course work.

There's always the weekend of course, but with family duties, a menagerie of pets and a wife who is sitting her last exam this afternoon and will no doubt be keen to hit the turps (I can't let her drink alone can I?), I don't hold out a lot of hope for a studious time.

Wish me luck, now, where's that sci-fi novel I really need to finish...

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Comment by JAMMAN2110, on 9-Nov-2007 18:23

I've always had the thought "If I don't remember it now, I don't deserve the mark for it" .. Then again I am incredibly lazy...

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