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The deep deep South

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 14-Nov-2007 11:26

Here I am in sunny Invercargill, waiting for a courier to deliver some software so I can talk to some poxy Alcatel equipment.

Invercargill is a great city, I always enjoy coming down here. The people are friendly, and it always seems like the sun is shining whenever I'm in town.

Things you should know about Southland:
  • There are a lot of sheep
  • There are even more cows
  • Sooner or later you will get stuck behind a milk tanker (I got stuck behind three yesterday)
  • You cannot buy beer or wine in the supermarket
  • Southlanders love netball
  • Bluff oysters are incredibly good
  • Vodafone 3G coverage is excellent in Invercargill (it's flat)
  • When in Tuatapere, you must try the sausages
But the best thing about Invercargill can be summed up in this billboard:

(Yes, this used to be on the side of the road coming into town on SH1!)

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Comment by chakkaradeep, on 14-Nov-2007 12:14

Here in Dunedin, the climate is worse. Rain, Rain...

Sun comes out, stays for may be 15 mins(??) and then again rain comes..and its repeating....

yesterday was worse...it was raining fully...

Comment by chris021, on 15-Nov-2007 12:58

i used to go down to work at Ballance now and again and found it to be a pretty awsome place!

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