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Have you touched the Touch?

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 18-Nov-2007 14:23

After much harrassing and persuading from my teenage sons, I was dragged into Harvey Norman to look at the iPod Touch in the flesh.

Frankly, I was impressed. One of my sons already has an iPod Nano (which he wants to sell to me so he can put it towards a Touch), so I have always been aware of the build quality and asthetic appeal of the apple products. But this little device takes it into another dimension. It's a heavy little blighter, but feels cool and reassuring in your hand. The "ease of use" factor is there, and the touch, drag and expand (pulling your fingers apart zooms in) functions are just downright cool. (My eldest son would say "random", oh no, that's right, it's now "mean")

Would I shell out $479 for the 8G? No, probably not - I just couldn't justify that much cash for a naughties walkman (and after all I'll soon be the proud owner of a Nano). I could maybe tell myself it was a PDA, but I don't really need one of those either, being a diary/notebook type person.

I would definitely reccommend to anyone to take the opportunity of actually holding and playing with an iPod Touch however. It is an experience, and something that should be on your "to do" list. I am just about to go back to Harvey Norman so my wife can have a go with the Touch - that will be interesting, she is the worlds biggest "technophobe"!!?!

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Comment by Mark, on 18-Nov-2007 17:39

I own one - they're really really amazing. Great for watching video which is why I bought one really. The 5G was horrible for watching movies..

Author's note by Wob, on 19-Nov-2007 08:46

As an update: my wife loved it, but then we spent $800 on outdoor furniture - go figure!

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