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Monopoly World Edition - Let's get Queenstown on it!!

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 28-Jan-2008 11:12

A World Edition of good old family favourite Monopoly is being made. 68 cities have been selected, the only place in New Zealand selected is Queenstown.

You can vote for cities online at http://www.monopolyworldvote.com/en_NZ/world (you will have to register).

You can vote every day for your favourite cities, and even nominate cities for a wild card entry to start on 29 February. Auckland is in the top 20 wild card nominations.

I, of course, have nominated Dunedin and would urge everyone to do likewise. But please vote for Queenstown so we can get it on the board.

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Monopoly World Edition - Queenstown pipped at the post!!!

Comment by Jo Cunningham, on 20-Feb-2008 08:45

Queenstown is the best place ever!!

Comment by Hilly, on 2-Mar-2008 16:21

Yes I agree and I keep voting.I live in Whangarei but my son lives in Queenstown, what a wonderful place it is, we are due down there again soon.

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