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The femtocell - perfect for NZ!!?!

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 13-Feb-2008 10:21

In a Herald article this morning, UK Vodafone and O2 are trialling femtocells; small 3G base stations hooked up to a broadband connection, offering 3G calls and data services.

It strikes me that these devices are perfect for the topography and conditions here in NZ. I have loads of issues in my part of the world with customers in low or zero cellphone coverage areas, and more often than not these customers have broadband in their homes or premises.
In the article Paul Brislen talks about Vodafone's mini-repeater solution, but these still rely on a BTS, so in zero coverage areas they are useless.
Even in buildings where a mini-repeater would be a good solution, the femtocell would be easier to install and set up.

I really hope the trials go well. Come on Vodafone NZ, lets get in on this, apart from everything else...

it's seriously cool!!?!

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