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ASB Bank (Update)

, posted: 10-Dec-2012 20:49

After the previous excellent experiences with ASB (see blog post ASB Bank - One Step Ahead in Creating the Future), this is just a very quick update to say that I have joined ASB. It's not a full shift but an account has been opened, and the service provided by all ASB call centre, branch, and online staff continues to range from perfectly adequate to bloody amazing.

Why do I feel compelled to post a blog update simply to say I've joined ASB?

I was accused of wasting people's time by posting about the excellent experiences I had with ASB when I hadn't actually joined the bank. As I said at the time, switching banks isn't exactly like switching brands of toothpaste. There are all sorts of factors that make it difficult to switch banks.

Anyway, here's to a long-lasting happy relationship with ASB Bank. It's certainly been a hell of a lot more enjoyable than my recent dealings with extremely smug, arrogant, and annoying ANZ Bank staff. I don't ever remember them being this rude under the National Bank brand.

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Comment by johnr, on 10-Dec-2012 21:10

ASB are just awesome! They are about to step things up another notch very soon ;)

Comment by minigopher17, on 11-Dec-2012 11:03

I too was with the green bank which became the blue bank and now completely switched to the yellow and black bank. I always think why didn't I do it earlier? Customer service is amazing, have more capabilities with mobile and online banking, no transaction fees, and I don't have some personal banker trying to manage my accounts for me - I can do it the way I want to do it.

Comment by 1080p, on 11-Dec-2012 11:36

"As I said at the time, switching banks isn't exactly like switching brands of toothpaste. There are all sorts of factors that make it difficult to switch banks." This couldn't be further from the truth. Every bank has a team designed to assist customers changing banks, they will completely replicate your current experience (automatic payments, people you pay and so on) leaving changing your income up to you. There is almost no work at all involved in changing banks these days.

Comment by BlueToothKiwi, on 11-Dec-2012 12:16

"They will completely replicate your current experience":
Hopefully not, if the experience is negative and that is why you are leaving!

I switched from ASB to Westpac - not because of poor service - but they assigned me a relationship manager who had looked after us for the last four years. So I never had to visit a branch or ring the 0800 number during that time.

I think all the high street banks have got their act together these days - as it is pretty easy to switch (esp if you are not locked into any preferential rate (for mortgage or investment) with get out penalties)

Comment by ajobbins, on 11-Dec-2012 12:28

I was with National for many years and the service continually declined over the years following the acquisition by ANZ.

Moved fully over to ASB (Apart from credit card which is with BNZ) in 2010 and never looked back.

Now in Oz and back with Commonwealth (Owners of ASB) and they are great too. Still use my NZ accounts for paying NZ bills or when I am in the country.

Author's note by ahmad, on 11-Dec-2012 18:13

1080p - I don't care how easy they make it to switch. Due to lack of "number portability" I still maintain very old accounts as I can't really be bothered changing account numbers for some payments which still go into those account. I maintain it isn't always as easy as you make it out to be.

Comment by kawaii, on 12-Dec-2012 01:09

I moved over to ASB after being with BNZ and being pinged with their 'unarranged overdraft fee' aka 'shadow overdraft' (a feature I never request nor was ever mentioned in the information brochures). For me ASB has done a great job with their services; I'm a totally online person, their banking app for Windows Phone is top notch, their front line staff are able to pretty much do 99% of the things that need doing (specialised knowledge such as loans are handled differently but that is understandable). The banking consultant I talk to in Upper Hutt is top notch all the way. It is a great experience all around.

As for those who bemoan them about the profit they make - I have nothing against a business who provides a great product to the customer and make a fair reward because they do well by the customer.

Comment by pctek, on 13-Dec-2012 15:54

'unarranged overdraft fee' aka 'shadow overdraft' . ASB have this too. ASB on the whole are OK, have been with far worse. However there have been a couple of things that haven't gone so well. One, ongoing, is their $3 over the counter charge that appears every so often on our accounts. We have a no statement, no fees, no cheques, account. $3 if you deposit over the counter however, so we don't. Ever. This must bother them, what with the no fees, so they add this in every couple of months. Then I have to phone and point out we have made no over the counter transactions, they argue for a bit, the refund it and apologise. Later it starts all over. For the last 6 years.

Comment by kawaii, on 13-Dec-2012 17:16


Yes, ASB had that and they were able to disable it straight away.

Strange that they're charging you the $3 over the counter fee as it hasn't happened to me yet.

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