On using a HTPC in NZ


, posted: 8-Jul-2008 21:32

Well I had been looking for a place to put down what I have learnt setting up my media center this year so here goes! I'm a final year mech eng student at University of Canterbury who is interested in AV and computers, hence the natural progression into an HTPC. I started out with a mythbuntu build and have since moved to MediaPortal for the DVB-T support; I will put down what I have learnt from both here.

More to come later, I will start with pointing out the resources I have used to get what I have. I am by no means a computer expert, and have very little linux knowledge, so I can only stand on the shoulder of giants. In no particular order: the mythbuntu forumns, mythtv.org & mythtv.co.nz, Geekzone, the MP forums and cranznz's setup guide for MP.


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Andrew Richards
New Zealand

My Current Setup

CPU: A64 5200 X2 (2.6GHz) Memory: 2GB Graphics: Onboard 6100 Hard drive: WD 640GB Optical: DVD-ROM Remote: Microsoft MCE USB2 Tuners: Hauppauge Nova T 500 & PVR150 Display: Toshiba 20" LCD Audio: Genius 5.1 bookshelf speakers

OS: Windows Vista Premium SP1 PVR: MediaPortal RC3 Codecs: Built in MPEG1&2 codecs, PowerDVD8 for H.264 EPG: nice.net.nz feed (from satellite feed)

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NZ Thread in MP Forumns
NZ MediaPortal Wiki page
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