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Short note on power consumption

, posted: 21-Jul-2008 10:27

I have always intended on keeping track of the power consumption of various iterations of the media center, and to this end I bought one of those $20 warehouse power meters a few months back. Here are some plower figures, I will eventually update the sidebar info with this.

The original media center, with 1 TV card and on-board graphics idled around 50W, and used about 60W under load (which was generally less than 50% CPU, it didn't have much of a workout with a hardware MPEG2 encoder TV card). I think it maxed around 80W.

The current iteration, with the 2 cards and the 8600GT now averages at 88W (average from 94 hours running), this is all-inclusive and incorporates restarts. The peak value is 140W, that is a startup load though, it uses about 100W playing back TV. Idles somewhere around 80W.

The machine runs 24/7 currently as it has all our shared music, plus file syncing between desktop and laptop and daily backups. Plus I don't have the time to setup complete wakeup/sleep off remote and scheduled recordings.

Hopefully I will eventually be able to swap in my 5200 X2 65W from my desktop and go back to onboard graphics w/ software decoding. This hould work as my desktop, with this CPU, can currently play back HD performing as an MP client. If this works then it will cut power back a lot, should be less than the original setup. I will come back to this topic when changes are made.

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Comment by Wiggly, on 22-Jul-2008 11:36

Do you know what the model etc is of the 'power meter' you purchased. I have one from Jaycar which was about $48 and it gives me all sorts of options but no average, just amps, watts, peak usage and some costings (ont played with).

Just interested to know.


Author's note by amphibem, on 22-Jul-2008 12:04

On the back it has 'Type: EMA1", I think it is only meter they sell. It doesn't have an average power reading, but it does tell you total kWhrs and total running time so it is easy maths to get an average. Does require a decent running time for accuracy though.

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