On using a HTPC in NZ

Freeview|HD in MythTV - still!

, posted: 13-Sep-2008 11:26

I have spent this morning re-installing Mythbuntu onto a partition of my USB drive so this is just a further update on the situation for those who were interested.

Last time I put Mythbuntu onto the entire drive, rendering it useless (Windows can't see a ext3 partition) for data transfer etc. So I had to take it off, and this time I only used up about 18GB. Also used EasyBCD to have the boot manager on the SATA drive and don't have to plug the USB drive in to reboot the machine.

So after all the setup (Nvidia drivers, my version of lircrc, getting Paul's patches) got it all working like before. Unfortunatly TV3 is still the same, so now my mission begins to learn how to edit source code and rebuild mythtv so I can enable skip loop filter. If anyone here can help with that please leave a comment. Smile

I did make one improvement this time around by using a new guide source from nice.net.nz. I have used Reven for ages (and will still use it on Windows) but his grabber is not a xmlTV complaint grabber which means going through the 'mythfilldatabase --file' rigaramole, and I have found that a real hassle with multiple sources and digital TV. The solution is a complaint script, and instructions are given here for how to set this up. This data is from the DVB-S feed and I am told is good data. When I can run mythtv full time I will be able to test that!

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