On using a HTPC in NZ

It works - 1080i with a 5200X2 in mythtv

, posted: 4-Oct-2008 11:43

Title says it all really, I can now watch TV3 in MythTV with my 5200 X2. There is a bit more to the story though:

Since my last post I went through, and with the help of a fellow TR member, enabled skiploopfilter and rebuilt from source. It didn't work so I basically left it. Came back to my test install today to have a fiddle with C, and thought why not, update the box and try TV3. And its works! And now in Playback Profiles there is a GUI option to enable skiploopfilter so it looks like Paul Kendall has updated his source (confirming that with him now).

Moral of the story, an affordable MythTV-based FreeviewHD PVR is now a realistic proposition without any changes beyond getting Paul's updates. A 65W 5200 or 5400 will do the trick, find a motherboard with the required (Linux-supported) video and audio outputs and you are good to go.

For me I have 2 more very busy weeks of uni before study leave (my last ever!), so won't be touching anything until then. Hopefully though I can finish watching the stuff recorded in MP and switch to Myth for 'extended testing' :)

Will update.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 4-Oct-2008 14:22

What is preventing hardware acceleration under Linux? Is that something that will reastically happen soon?

Author's note by amphibem, on 4-Oct-2008 14:34

Currently the lack of full driver support from the manufactor's is the problem, the supplied drivers do not include H.264 acceleration support.

It will probably come eventually from a variety of directions; I have heard of Google Summer of Code projcts and possible manufactor support among possibilites. Will be a while though.

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