On using a HTPC in NZ

New wiki for setting up guide data in NZ

, posted: 5-Nov-2008 09:23

So since it is something that causes people trouble, on these forumns and others, i have created a page on HTPCnz for setting up guide data in NZ. It isn't complete yet, hopefully when done it will contain complete instructions for setting up, mapping and updating guides for all the major operating systems and PVR software. If those with some expertise on this, especially with GB-PVR and Windows Media Center could have a look and maybe add some detail that would be great. It could also do with an eye over the Linux instructions, I don't currently have a myth box in front of me so went on memory for the specific steps.

Finally I havn't quite figured out referencing on that site which means two things: I need someone to point out how, and guides I have copied from elsewhere (MP wiki, mythtvnz list, reven) have gone somewhat un-recognised. So if you see your handiwork there, feel free (of course you di, its a wiki!) to add a thank you note to yourself.

Hopefully others can also contribute to this great wiki, currently there is still a lot of knowedge spread around and multiple wiki's trying to collaborate it. I don't have a problem with sites like MythKiwi obviously, but it would be great to have a central resource with all the important stuff that can be linked to for newbies. The next thing I would like to do on that front is put together a page explaining DVB-T/S in NZ and what it means for budding HTPC builders. There is still a lot of confusion around on how this all works. I currently have 8 more days until my last exam (ever, yay for graduating!) then I will have time to do this stuff.

Let me know what else you think needs doing on this front.

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Comment by TheBartender, on 5-Nov-2008 13:24

Nice work.

Regarding the referencing, I will need to install some extensions, let me know which ones you would like to see installed and I will see what I can do (not all work, due to wiki version and clashing with other code/extensions)


Author's note by amphibem, on 5-Nov-2008 13:30

Just something to do Wikipedia-style referencing, with the little numbers next to relevant sections, linking to reference at the bottom. Hopefully thats not too difficult?

Comment by sbiddle, on 5-Nov-2008 13:56

The latest GB-PVR makes this the simplest task of all

Simply enter http://epg.pvr.geek.nz/epg/listings-freeview.xml.gz in place of the XML file and GB-PVR will automatically download the Freeview listings from the site for you using the scheduled time in the GB-PVR config settings.

Author's note by amphibem, on 5-Nov-2008 14:30

Thanks for that sbiddle, have added that in. I assume the listings-all file could also be used, if Prime (or Sky) was required?

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