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Mobile Broadband! Hurrah! just THINK....

By Antonios Karantze, in , posted: 12-Sep-2006 20:20

Ok, I've been told off by the boss for not driving this blog...

So, tonite I had the pleasure of attending the Vodafone launch event in Wellington, announcing the arrival of HSDPA in NZ. The 'network' is launched formally today (12 Sept 06), and hardware will be available 1st October 06.

This is entirely consistent with giving your channel time to train staff, get kit into warehouse, distribute etc. 1st of the month is a good time marketing wise to launch new things, in either the consumer or business market segments.

AKL, WLG or CHC 3g footprint - so wherever you get 3G now, you'll get HSDPA. It goes faster, you'll chew through your data cap (which won't move - it's still $49 for 1GB) faster, and life will be more exciting. The datacard will be a PCI-Express card, which I believe is the Sierra Wireless card. I have a lot of respect for the SW crowd, they were quite forward looking and focused on the data card market (the Voq smartphone is  relegated to the annals of history for 'challenged' products).

So my question is how mobile are you, and how much do you need to be?

Leave out mobile telco folk - such as me - who live on their mobile phone, blackberry and datacard. They have to - eating their own dogfood, as the expression goes. I love mobile - always have since i was 5 years old and grasped the original concept of RT's (which shows how old I really am) - and the promise of the technology.

My mobile (Nokia E61 today) for occasional voice is fine. Email now and then is good. But being 'free' and able to THINK about what I am doing, and how I can go forward (in my portfolio for TelstraClear, and personally with my life) is just so, well, REFRESHING.

It's so easy to claim you're busy. Don't have time to think. So many emails. yaddih yaddah. Bollocks I say - in those situations you're reacting, and probably making questionable calls. Yes there's times when you must react quickly, but in reality we love those reactive moments because we don't have to THINK hard about what we're doing.

Having to THINK about what you're doing, where you're going, and the consequences is far more frightening. People like to claim they don't understand - I don't buy that at all. We do understand - but we don't like what we understand. So we play thick, and life goes on.

I look forward to Mobile Broadband. It's a speed increase, things go faster and that's life. Back it whole-heartedly, this is how we move forward as a species, and it's fun to be involved in.

It's a useful tool. Will it revolutionise the country? nope. Available to the few who can afford it, a technology that doesn't like user density (that's many users in a small area, not user intelligence!), it makes life nicer for email and browsing. It won't change my workload - way too much to solve, way too little time.

But I look forward to playing with new toys - it compliments my broadband well!

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