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Callplus takes Wimax LARGE in NZ

By Antonios Karantze, in , posted: 8-Dec-2006 14:09

I'm gobsmacked:

That is one truckload of money to invest in NZ. Siemens NZ and Alvarion will be having a party tonight!

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Comment by bradstewart, on 8-Dec-2006 15:16

Thats a lot of bread!! This hasgot to be good for NZ. If only more companies took this approach

Comment by Jama, on 8-Dec-2006 15:37

173 Wimax sites to provide the same coverage as 24 EVDO sites. Go CallPlus.

Comment by sbiddle, on 8-Dec-2006 15:56

Very interesting news.. Martin Wylie is a *very* smart man and learnt a lot with his time at Telecom. Telecom lost a lot of experience when he (and several other senior execs) all left in the late 90's.

Comment by Aloha, on 8-Dec-2006 16:07

Comment by Jama, on 8-DEC-2006 15:37

173 Wimax sites to provide the same coverage as 24 EVDO sites. Go CallPlus.

Dont be jealous Jama! :)
Please share the logic behind your calculation.

Comment by juha, on 8-Dec-2006 16:56

Coverage is just one part of the equation (albeit a very important one).

Comment by sbiddle, on 8-Dec-2006 17:31

>173 Wimax sites to provide the same coverage as 24 EVDO sites

And? You're trying to compare apples with oranges.

If Telecom decided to roll out a 1900Mhz EVDO network you would be looking somewhere in the range of 60-100 sites to offer the same coverage. WiMax is a lot less powerful than a CDMA site and also at a higher frequency again. I'd also put money on a typical WiMAX site costing a *lot* less than a CDMA/EVDO site would cost to deploy.

Author's note by antoniosk, on 8-Dec-2006 18:52

A 3-sector macro wimax tower costs about $100k.

What's a macro evdo/umts tower cost ? $500k these days...

Comment by Aloha, on 9-Dec-2006 00:11

Are you sure there is no typo in that article?
450Million USD just seems a lot for this network. They could buy VFNZ for this price.. lol

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