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Is O2 the surprise carrier for iPhone in the UK?

By Antonios Karantze, in , posted: 5-Jul-2007 19:58

As reported in the BBC and Telegraph websites:;jsessionid=SJ5M2QDCIFTZBQFIQMGSFF4AVCBQWIV0?xml=/money/2007/07/05/bcniphone105.xml

Interestingly the articles speculate that Apple is to share in the ongoing revenue from sales. Having completed several of these type of contracts, they are never as lucrative as they sound and are often a royal pain in the a** to administer for both carrier and supplier.

Far better and easier to receive a payment upfront and be done with it.

Anyway, this should make for an interesting xmas for folks in the UK - they may even pull off putting in the 3G chipset. Using GPRS, even with the Bytemobile speed optimiser in the way (which I put in for O2), is still a painful, painful experience.

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Comment by Jama, on 5-Jul-2007 20:58

Is that a 'royalty pain in the a***'? Been there as well, I know what you mean. Isn't it funny how Apple who have just made their first cell phone manage to get a kick back where as the largest cell phone manufacturers generally rely solely on handset sales.

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