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So where are we at?

By Antonios Karantze, in , posted: 15-Apr-2008 22:04

I've been quiet on my blog for the last few months, and have barely had time to keep up with what is being discussed on this website. A few emails have been exchanged with Mauricio, but on the whole I have, as some friends describe it, turned into the 'International Man of Mystery' and disappeared off the face of the planet.

Reality is that I've been working on some major product development for my employer (one of which comes to market tomorrow), projects which are the culmination of just over 2 years of my life. So I've been keen to make sure it's not all a crock of!

Once again, I've noticed the industry has been bullish about technology, promises have been made, dates have been missed and great concepts have evaporated. UBA, or 'Naked DSL' has limped to the market, LLU has become a little anti-climatic, Wellington Council has backpedaled on installing fibre - which I wholeheartedly agree with, it was just wrong to waste council time on this topic! - and there are suggestions that Telecom's new mobile network is not coming to market quite as quickly as has been touted.

I spent several hours today with some good people from Telecom, folks who know their stuff and are really keen to engage with the industry and genuinely develop for the country. The most frustrating thing for them - and for me - is to meet with people who don't know what they want, or aren't strong enough to challenge and have a good discussion. It always amazes me that discussions and decisions made in the space of minutes or hours can have an impact lasting for many years. I wonder what the next 5 years will look like based on what was said today. Heady stuff indeed.

I'm quietly optimistic.

I actually do believe there is some really great stuff coming to market over the next year or so, and I wish I had a few more people to help me get moving faster.

There is so much change happening now that the pace is truly, maddeningly, frustratingly out of control.

Wouldn't have it any other way. But for all the technology, the development, and everything else that is happening, I wish I had more time to communicate with people. There just never seems to be enough time.

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Comment by Bwooce, on 16-Apr-2008 10:26

Welcme back.

So it's today (blogpost+1), do you have a link for the product launch?


Author's note by antoniosk, on 22-Apr-2008 04:53

ok, so it took longer to come out than I expected....

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