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Hard and Fast

A suitable way to start the new year!

By Antonios Karantze, in , posted: 14-Jan-2009 21:46

I have been thinking about what to write as my thoughts on 2008, and what I see for 2009... but then, a lot of people have done that, time has passed, and to be honest.... it's in the past, and what's done is done!

But in the Dominion Post job section this morning, I saw this website referenced... pure class!

It's Australian, but it has enough humour to make you smile... and for anyone who works for Telecom, Vodafone or TelstraClear and has gone through a right-sizing exercise... well....

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Antonios Karantze
New Zealand

I'm a born and bred Wellingtonian, and have chosen IT and Telecommunications as my industry, as a Commercial Manager.

Credits include but are not limited to:
- The O2 Xda smartphone range, and O2's range of 3G Mobile Internet services
- Numerous TelstraClear Mobile and IP voice products

In my journey through the industry I have worked at
- Bellsouth NZ
- Telecom NZ
- ICO Global
- T-Mobile International (formerly One2One Communications)
- O2 Plc
- TelstraClear
- Vodafone NZ

I'm a fan of technology, and what it can do for people and business... and I enjoy bringing new things to market and seeing them grow. Enjoy the blog, take the time to think about what I write - it's not technology heavy, and is my reflection on life and the people around me.