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Food delivery Auckland

, posted: 4-Nov-2012 09:01

Pretty handy list of online ordering takeaways & restaurants in Auckland: Dine In - Auckland food delivery

php phd

, posted: 12-Dec-2011 12:47

Did you see that? Did you? php ... phd ... :D

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Pizza King (Wellington)

, posted: 4-Nov-2010 23:20

Wohoo I can now order online from Pizza King (Wellington) (I guess Pizza King is only in Wellington, not sure if there's any other Pizza King branch/franchise?)

Pizza Hutt also has been offering 4.90 unlimited large pizza, which is great too ...


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Google into politics

, posted: 30-Dec-2009 18:13

I wonder if Google relationship with Al Gore will be their Achilles heel? Al Gore is Google's senior advisor.

I know that Google has been into green energy and so on. Which is very good. But there's a line between getting into green energy, being environmentally friendly, and actually being involved in the like of Copenhagen politics where it's about billions of dollars of wealth distribution across the globe.

There're rumours on the streets about Google manipulation of some search keywords to hide or reduce terms like 'Climate Gate'. There is also news about Al Gore joining Google Search Quality team and featuring Al Gore on the video presentation.

Whatever my political leaning, I'm still not comfortable with a giant company that controls Internet traffic to display such involvement with politics and politician.

I think I'll start using Bing from now on! I just installed Bing search engine add-ons on my Firefox.

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Debit Visa card

, posted: 3-Apr-2009 15:56

It's been advertised on TV so many times now. But how much is the annual cost? I'd think you could find this out from Kiwibank website, think again.

If the cost is not so much different than a normal credit card, isn't it a bit silly to switch? With normal credit card you can borrow money interest free for a month! And you get hot points on some cards.

Sure, there are people out there who abused their credit card and burry themselves into so much credit card debt. But credit card is a great financial tool for those 'Free loaders' who always pay on time ... like me Laughing

What free loading? I pay $100/year for this small card!

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