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Ahmed Zaoui

, posted: 9-Feb-2007 11:32

For some reasons, I feel some sympathy for Zaoui. Perhaps it's because of the news headline like "Zaoui's family refused entry to NZ". Or perhaps it's because I feel I can relate to him as a migrant to NZ.

From what I read, Mr Zaoui hasn't seen his family for about four years since 2002 when he arrived in NZ on a false passport. The longest I was away from my family was three years. Although it didn't feel too hard for me, it was much different for him. I wasn't in jail or trialed like Zaoui. I imagine it would be so hard being trialed and at the same time unable to see one's family during the trial.

Years of uncertain prospect of being deported must have been terrible; worse is the prospect of being handed in to other countries to be trialed. I can definetely relate to the 'uncertain prospect' bit. I know I was a bit anxious coming time to renew my student visa years ago (about twice a year). Also when I waited for seven months waiting for the decision for my permanent residency (which was granted about three years ago Smile).

This blog entry is by no mean a pledge for NZ to free or to let Zaoui stay. For all I know he could be a terrorist who've murdered many innocent lives. In that case, let him get the justice he deserves in a fair trial. But perhaps NZ could be more compassionate by letting the man be accompanied by his family while being fairly trialed in NZ?

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Comment by ascroft, on 9-Feb-2007 14:21

He could of course see them tomorrow if he wanted. I never understood why he left Malaysia and came to New Zealand.

I don't think New Zealand would be trialling him - as a tax payer I wouldn't be happy with that carry on. If we found him 'guilty' what do we do with his family then? Jail them too????

Author's note by asianbro, on 9-Feb-2007 14:58

My wild guess is that Zaoui is afraid that if he gets on a plane to see his family, that he might not be able to get back to NZ again. According to a news article (I think it's the one I linked above), he left Malaysia after he was approached by Algerian agent(s).

Anyway, I'm lost as to why the whole process is taking painfully so long. I mean four years?!? Perhaps the decision makers in NZ on one hand is afraid that if they send him out and something bad does happen to Zaoui that they might be seen as responsible. But on the other hand they probably getting pressured by a number of countries that want Zaoui or political pressure from within NZ. However, if Zaoui leaves 'on his own will' (for example if the man finally desperate to meet his family), then no one will be blamed (much) if something happens. So I'm guessing the best decision for the decision makers at the moment is probably not to make any decision at all and just leave the man without status.

Comment by sbiddle, on 9-Feb-2007 16:16

There is nothing stopping him seeing his family. He simply needs to hop on a plane..

I don't have any sympathy for somebody trying to get into NZ by the back door. As far as I am concerned anybody who destroys all their personal documentation on the plane only has something to hide..

Author's note by asianbro, on 9-Feb-2007 16:28

I believe it is expected for a refugee to travel with a false document when fleeing from a prosecution. I mean, what's to expect? A valid passport from someone who's being prosecuted by his/her government?

There is this document from NZ human rights foundation addressing the matter:

or this one to view it as a html:

Comment by juha, on 9-Feb-2007 19:53

The Zaoui case is a mess, no doubt about that. If he's a suspected terrorist or whatever, he should be tried in court. If not... well, what's he doing being locked up still? It seems just about all the important information has been blanked out.

Asianbro: if you use the link button (looks like a chain in the editor), you can create hyperlinks so that people can simply click and don't have to copy and paste them. :)

Author's note by asianbro, on 9-Feb-2007 20:30

Thanks Juha, I didn't notice the link button, I thought it's not available for blog comment.

Comment by James, on 13-Sep-2007 18:16

There is no way New Zealand should allow entry, let alone refugee status to someone of questionable background (like Mr Zaoui). Get him out.Deport him & no I don't care where, just so long as he is not allowed here. We must show no tolerance of people that have any links - even tenuous ones to terrorist or militant organizations. No I do not believe he needs a trial New Zealand as a country does not need to pander to people of dubious nature and intent.

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