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The Bachelor

, posted: 10-Feb-2007 15:42

Oh wow, here I am, Saturday afternoon, sipping a glass of cold coke, minding my own business, switching one TV channel to another, and there they are, The Bachelor in one channel and Joe Millionaire in another.

Nothing in interesting in Joe Millionaire, the show is so boring (and has silly ending). The Bachelor on the other hand, was pretty interesting since it is the first of the season, interesting to see all the 25 social experiment bunnies ... I mean women.

In the first night, the bachelor (a doctor working in real ER, not the TV series) had to send 13-14 women home. One woman wasn't happy about not receiving a flower (a flower means she get to stay). She confronted the bachelor asking why she didn't get a flower. She wondered whether because she's short/not pretty/small boobs (with a lot of beeps in the process - I'm guessing some swearing, but I'm no lips reader). The bachelor then revealed his reason and it was because earlier she said to him that she's there because she wanted to "reproduce" (smart reply bachelor dude, you could just say she's creepy).

Oh well, you gotta love how you just can't escape these reality TV shows. Next show? Survivor! Yep, another reality TV show. I hope someone will do something stupid on TV soon or I'll get bored.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 10-Feb-2007 17:02

my gal is hooked on survivor, so i have come to like it too.... cant stand beauty and the geek, or bachelor/joe millionaire type stuff though. At least survivor is a real contest....

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