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Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

, posted: 2-Aug-2007 19:43

I just watched someone dropped out on this one! "If Y = 3X and 3X = 12, what is Y?"

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Comment by lugh, on 2-Aug-2007 19:52

Remember, that show is from the country where an alarming number of people don't even know where Canada is (uh, it's that really big country north of you!).  Perhaps, we could have our own show - "Are You Smarter Than An American?"

(ooh, I'm goinna burn for that )

Comment by sbiddle, on 3-Aug-2007 08:04

I was channel surfing last night and saw that question asked as well. I'll admit it did take me a few seconds to realise what the answer was, probably because it was so damn obvious it was almost a trick question!

I just can't believe they can find people to go on such a show but I doubt we'd find anybody in NZ crazy enough to on such a show! :-)

Maybe a local spinoff "Are you smarter than a politician?"

Comment by joker97, on 3-Aug-2007 11:41

yeah i saw that too! man the US is such a rich country, offering that kind of money for that kind of questions! have that on geekzone and we're all millionairres by the end of the month!

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