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What a historical week!

, posted: 9-Nov-2008 09:58

This week has been perhaps one of the most historical weeks that I have witnessed in my lifetime. Another was the resignation of President Soeharto after more than 30 years of reign in Indonesia, complete with riots, killings, burnings, and more. In a short period of time, Indonesia was changed forever.


This week we have the first elected African American President of USA, Barrack Obama. I've seen movies depicting African American as president of USA, but never thought I'd witnessed one in my lifetime. This is a major historical event. Consider this excerpt from a blog of an American citizen:
Little did any of us dream that, half a century later, a black man
would walk in the front door of the White House – a house built by
slaves on land ceded by two slave states, Maryland and Virginia! – as
the next president of the United States.
Interesting to point out that America has chosen an African American President rather than a woman president, e.g.: Hillary Clinton. I think they might have decided to reserve this for another historical moment in the future.


But back in NZ, we have our own historical moments with the end of Helen Clark's era, the end of Winston Peter (may be until next election?), and the beginning of a National's John Key's era.

Last night was such an experience. I had momentary respect for Winston as he delivered his graceful speech despite my contempt for his anti-asian campaign last election (that's what you'll be remembered for Mr Peter!). I was sadden by the announcement of Helen's resignation from being the leader of Labour party even though I do not support Labour and their socialistic worldview.

Side note: I still don't understand what Peter Dunne is about, but may be because I don't live in Auckland. And Rodney Hide = Epsom, that's all I gathered. And I didn't see Jim Anderton, might have missed it when he was on.

And then the Green Party's speech. Predictable old Green. Reminds me of a Green Peace activist girl who knocked on my door to tell me that I should abandon everything, even feeding the starved children in Africa, to save the planet by donating to Green Peace! I guess if human beings are all dead, then the planet is finally safe?

In the end I told the Green Peace girl to leave me some brochures on the basis that I don't donate on instant demand, I want to give every donation some thoughts first :)

Then I was anxious to hear what the new Prime Minister of NZ, John Key, was going to say. As the camera rolled around at celebration at National's camp, I became worried at the sight of drunken old fat white man holding a glass of wine congratulating Mr Key. I still have no idea who he is, but I could imagine the smell of alcohol just watching his red face on TV. And, OMG, they're all whites in contrast to the people at Labour's camp! Then it got worse with Roger Douglas's (drunken?) rave! What has NZ got herself into this time?!?

BUT ... finally Mr Key arrived, then Pacific Island music/drums was heard, then Mr Key made his speech, I got my relief hearing the following points from him:
  1. Inclussive government
  2. Acceptance that the face of NZ has changed, therefore the government need to change
  3. Moderate/centric instead of extreme right wing government
  4. Incentive for individual achievement
  5. That they have approached the Maori party
Well, congratulation Mr Key, please don't disappoint us ...

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