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Google into politics

, posted: 30-Dec-2009 18:13

I wonder if Google relationship with Al Gore will be their Achilles heel? Al Gore is Google's senior advisor.

I know that Google has been into green energy and so on. Which is very good. But there's a line between getting into green energy, being environmentally friendly, and actually being involved in the like of Copenhagen politics where it's about billions of dollars of wealth distribution across the globe.

There're rumours on the streets about Google manipulation of some search keywords to hide or reduce terms like 'Climate Gate'. There is also news about Al Gore joining Google Search Quality team and featuring Al Gore on the video presentation.

Whatever my political leaning, I'm still not comfortable with a giant company that controls Internet traffic to display such involvement with politics and politician.

I think I'll start using Bing from now on! I just installed Bing search engine add-ons on my Firefox.

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Comment by Linuxluver, on 31-Dec-2009 14:10

I'm very much 'over' the garbage claims of a 'Climate gate'. 
Yes, some (a very small number) of UK scientists were annoyed some other scientists were consistently promoting positions at odds with the wider body of evidence supporting human-centric climate change.....and in their frustration they fantasized about ignoring these people. 
In the end, no one was ignored. 
What people promoting a bogus "Climate Gate' ignore is that there are literally hundreds of other climate studies completely unrelated to anyone involved that also support the conclusion of human-centric climate change. 
If anything, the "skeptics" at this point are merely demonstrating they don't understand the science and have been mislead....or they do understand the science and have chosen to ignore it for reasons they know best. 
At this point, with the CO2 levels and methane levels steadily rising as a consequence of human activity, there can be no real doubt about the fact of climate change over time. There can be debate about consequences.....and people will split haiors on that endelessly as the skeptics are forced back step-by-step. 
This is like the smoking "debate". They knew cigarettes caused cancer almost 50 years ago......but vested interests STILL advance arguments in favour of smoking as these lethal products are still for sale despite killing more people every year than car crashes, drownings and terrorism combined. 
That Google listen to Al Gore is a good thing. You can go off the "Bing" and support a corporation - Microsoft - who have demonstrated "Do no evil" isn't a concept they can grasp on any level. 

Author's note by asianbro, on 31-Dec-2009 16:36

I'm no scientists, so I really can't comment on the science part. But no body is denying those emails are fake. If anything the UEA has confirmed the emails are genuine.

Based on those emails, there is no way I would trust those people or anyone who is closely related to them. There is also no way for me to trust any report, any graph, any publication that those people produced while they're in UEA.

Doesn't mean I won't believe human caused climate change. But until they clean up such unethical people from their side, I don't think I can trust the AGW side.

About bing, I had never considered to even try it. But now, seeing how Google is becoming a powerful entity that pretty much controls the Internet search, and how Google has shown that they are a corporate with a significant link to a political party. I think I'll get myself familiar with other search engines (bing, yahoo, etc).

The question isn't who isn't evil, it's who is the lesser evil.

Actually, now would be a good time for a community based solution to search engine. Something like bittorrent perhaps. I will totally support such initiative.

Comment by MauriceWinn, on 5-Jan-2010 19:15

Google obviously hasn't read the fine print about evil and the D'evil.  Evil works in subtle ways.  It doesn't announce its arrival with evil trumpets and boots on.   People actually believe it is a force for good.   It's an excellent trick to gain support for evil.  The followers of Jim Jones didn't believe they were followers of evil.  They thought they were the good guys.
The gullible believe the anthropogenic global warming faith led by the priesthood of Al Gore who just happens to be pocketing umpty$millions from the process and enjoying a lot of status and big noting while flying around the world to the jamborees with a huge carbon footprint.  
Google has taken steps on the road to Hell, paved with unintended consequences.    "But hey, we were as Green as.  Nobody told us where that was leading.  We thought it was good, not evil.  Everybody said so."   Not quite everybody and not for any old thing masquerading in a Green cloak of goodness.
But Google is doing good overall, by a long way.  Now, here comes Google's Nexus phone with Android and Snapdragon for long-lasting, fast, mobile cyberspace.   Yay for Google.

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