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Pizza King (Wellington)

, posted: 4-Nov-2010 23:20

Wohoo I can now order online from Pizza King (Wellington) (I guess Pizza King is only in Wellington, not sure if there's any other Pizza King branch/franchise?)

Pizza Hutt also has been offering 4.90 unlimited large pizza, which is great too ...


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Comment by kent, on 5-Nov-2010 15:11

I go past Pizza King now and then throughout the day.  I have never ever seen a customer in there!!  Amazed they have stayed in business that long - perhaps they have a very big but short peak period?


Author's note by asianbro, on 6-Nov-2010 17:56

They're open from 12 noon to 4 am, may be most of their orders come at the odd hours and for delivery.

Comment by nickb800, on 7-Nov-2010 13:53

They make the best pizza! Chilli beef and beef sataysfaction a must.

Never been particularly busy when i have used them, we usually get it delivered. Rent on taranaki street must be quite a lot too.

$28 for two gourment pizzas delivered to northland at 2am, noone else comes close

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